Data strategy for an unforgettable Back to School

Back to school is a key moment in the year for Mattel's billing and its line of school products, so it is a great opportunity to approach people with relevant communication and special actions that provide value.


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Marketing results

Over 900,000 people reached with the promotional campaign Over 22,000 new registrations of people impacted by the Albrook Mall activation

The lucky ones lived the incredible experience of arriving at their first day of school accompanied by Barbie and Hot Wheels. With this beautiful action, we not only boosted sales of Mattel products but also built a real connection between the brand and its audience through an unforgettable experience.


We carried out the integrated communication campaign for the return to school, surpassing the following objectives:

  • Increase in Mattel's database records with relevant activations for the target audience.

  • Boost the sale of Barbie and Hot Wheels school products.

  • Generate interaction on digital channels and PDV.

  • Increase awareness of Mattel lines during this season, standing out over competition.

  • Have presence and reach both offline and online.


The first day of school is a big moment for children, and it means the start of a year full of new experiences and friends.

Along with Mattel, we managed to make it an unforgettable moment. Under the development of the concept "A Great First Day", we carried out a comprehensive promotional campaign with a very special prize.

With the purchase of Mattel products, consumers could win as a prize to arrive on the first day of class with Barbie in her limousine or with a Hot Wheels pilot in his sports car.

The action combined digital and physical experience. Bringing traffic from screens to high-weight sales points commercially.

barbie y hot wheels

To participate, people had to buy one of the products and register on the promotion's landing page, fulfilling one of our main objectives. On this same landing page, they could also learn more about Mattel products and where to purchase them thanks to our automatic geolocation.

We supported the communication with 6 retailers dressed with more than 75 point-of-purchase displays, standees, and special furniture production. With a TV commercial in co-branding with the largest mall in Latin America, as well as content on digital media and social networks.

In addition, we carried out an activation at Albrook Mall, where for several days we installed the Barbie limousine and the Hot Wheels sports car, fulfilling the objective of interaction and brand awareness. Not only did people know about the campaign and participate, but they also experienced a unique experience with their favorite characters, generated organic content and amplified the promotion even more.