Travel from POS to the UEFA Champions League final

With the activation of the "Enjoy the unexpected" promotion, we were able to position the country's point of sale as the stars of the year.


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Highlighted KPI


Target audience coverage

Highlighted KPI


Redeemed codes

Marketing results

With this campaign, we obtained specific results at point of sale and reached the target audience efficiently.

During the campaign, we achieved:

  • +80 additional spaces

  • +130 direct prizes

  • +14,200 redeemed codes

  • +28,000 visits to the website

  • 85% of visits from mobile devices, driving our mobile-first strategy

  • +5.000 gift packs sold

  • 14% redemption rate

From February to May, we reached 98% of the target audience on social media with a frequency of 3.5 per week. The campaign impressions on all digital media totaled 45,017,984. We had 16,563,829 views with an average CTR of 0.41%. The investment strategy included social media, programmatic, and YouTube on a case-by-case basis.

The activation of the store had better results than planned:

  • +1000 customers

  • +USD35,000 in billing

  • +3,500 Heineken products sold

  • +2,500 drafts redeemed

  • +160,000 people participated in the Green Store

We closed this spectacular campaign with a big event. We invited more than 2000 people to enjoy the UEFA Champions League final in the best Heineken style.


The objectives for this campaign were:

  • To continue positioning Heineken alongside the UEFA Champions League

  • Increase share of shelf and brand visibility

  • Encourage product purchase through the development of a promotion

disfruta lo inesperado

For all fans of the tournament, the ultimate prize is to see the final of the competition in person. We made this a reality not only for the winners but also for their companions.

Other participants were able to obtain instant prizes such as smart TVs, PlayStation and brand merchandise.


We carried out a comprehensive campaign that included promotional activation at point of sale and amplification through digital media. We generated the strategy, planning and purchase of digital media with two clear objectives: awareness and traffic referral to point of sale.

Heineken + UEFA Champions League: Adapting content received from global to local language -with corresponding approvals-

Green Store: Creating original content locally to communicate the brand's ecommerce

To participate, people had to enter the hidden code within the packs on our website, sharing their data with the brand.

We have presence in the main POS on the country and exclusive promotions for various formats.