How we helped JetSmart to greatly surpass their brand's objectives

We were in charge of developing the strategy and execution of the media plans in an integrated way for the launch of the airline in the country.


Paid Media, PR, Growth Marketing


OOH, Radio, TV (air and cable), Programmatic media

Highlighted KPI


Brand Awareness

Highlighted KPI



Marketing results

After 3 months of the campaign, we greatly exceeded the brand's objectives of 3000 TRPs and 60% coverage. In this way, we were able to connect JetSmart, the new low-cost airline that landed in the country, with the people who were waiting for it to be able to fly together intelligently.

  • 63% increase in brand awareness

  • 4,190 TRPs

  • 76.4% Cob1+

  • 57.3% Cob3+

  • Over 200% CTR vs Benchmark

  • 50% reduction in CPM costs vs direct negotiation

  • Over 5.5 million impressions total campaign


For a launch of this type, we needed to have a strong offline presence with a campaign that stood out from the ordinary, surpassing the brand's objectives.

The challenge was to carry out this launch in a low-cost spirit.

We targeted people interested in traveling and culture in general who do not frequently travel by plane, perceiving it as expensive and even who have never taken a flight in their life.


We developed a strategy in innovative media and formats where we would find these people. We distributed the investment by location by making a cross between the commercial weight of each one for the brand and the relative cost of the investment in that location. We used intelligent scheduling taking into account the communication milestones within the marketing plan along with relevant dates for the country.

In Public Space, we used high-impact formats and locations with local relevance.

On Television, formats with high impact and visibility.

On Radio, reach and frequency with localized messages for each market in 15" spot formats.

Mendoza 1

Mendoza 2

Córdoba 1

Córdoba 2

In newspapers, at key times with high-impact formats in leading media.

We complement media planning and buying with programmatic digital advertising on the most visited media portals in the country using contextual segmentation and real-time optimization.