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Our urban beat for world sustainability

The urban beat song we produced and promoted to raise awareness that the can is the most sustainable packaging in the world.


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We know it. Cans are 100% and infinitely recyclable. But does everyone know that?
It's time for can recycling to become an unstoppable trend!
Together with Ball Corporation, the world's leading can manufacturer, we created QUIEROLATA, a movement that encourages people to prefer the can format and recycle them.
But how can we impact everyone?
We used the sound of cans to showcase their versatility.
Because for the summer heat, there's always a hit.
QUIEROLATA by Ball Corporation presents: the QUIEROLATA Hit!

We called upon artists from different countries to interpret this urban rhythm song that talks about the benefits of cans.
But that's not all. We also activated social media with a challenge, where our influencers were the driving force. In just a few days, thousands of people started to participate and share it.

The results surprised us!
The QUIEROLATA hit was heard by more than 5 million people.
In the press, we received coverage in 37 media outlets from different countries, with an Ad Value of over $83,000.
Furthermore, QUIEROLATA's followers on social media increased by over 300%, turning this hit into a true statement, a movement, a change, and a demonstration that the can is the most sustainable container.